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This is out of date people!
Get the updated script that does not require AutoHotkey:
Disregard the rest of this, unless you want an older version.

Note: This is just a pack of another persons great work. Thanks
for these scripts. Blind people can now experience Pokemon as it was meant to be. I'm just the "ZOMG, look what you can do now!" guy who packages them up with a rom, so blind people can just enjoy this new thing. What these basically do is read the text/screens from a rom and through AutoHotKey and lua scripting, presents this information/menus to the screen reader NVDA so totally blind people who cannot see the screen can fully play the game:

// I kept a lot of original instructions so people know I didn't do anythin to this thing:

1. Get vba rerecording. I used this one:
//I did this in this package already, but Remember, you have to have auto-HotKey installed, either use the included installer or go to


2. Get a Pokemon Crystal rom.
//I've included this, but it's not hard to go to emuparadise/coolrom, that's basically why I don't feel bad about including it haha.
3. Extract vba rerecording, and rename the exe to vba.exe (or edit the script).
//I did this already, disregard unless you get updated scripts from somewhere or a different emulator.
4. Run pokemon.ahk. It needs autohotkey.
//Run this first, before the emulator each time. Remember to kill the system trey icon for the script when you are done.
5. Run vba.exe.
6. Go to the Options menu, Head-Up Display, Show Speed, None (alt-o, h, s, enter)
Without this, NVDA reads the title bar every time it changes.

// I have included an .ini file with this already on for you, but if you do this from scratch you will have to do this.

7. Optional, turn down the sound. Options, Audio, Volume (alt o, a, v)
That's the configuration done. Now load the rom (File, Open),
Then load the lua script (tools, lua, New Lua script window).
From there, load pokemon.lua, press run. It should say ready, alt tab out and back in again
//I have to escape this window, alt tabbing worked once for me, but hasn't worked since that one time. SO if that instruction doesn't work, after loading/running the lua, press escape.
The script assigns:
f1 previous item
f2 current item
f3 next item
/ pathfind to current item
f4 read screen text
f5 debug, not useful
f6 read coords

f7: reads health bar when in battle

shift f1 read current map name
shift f2 rename item
shift f3 rename map
general controls:
z: A-Button
x: B-Button
Enter: Start
I'm not sure what select is: You only use that if you set it for your bike in the game or whatever, so it's not that important.
space: Turbo mode(useful for grinding super fast)
Arrow keys: move around in the 4 directions.


As soon as possible(at the menu screen, or in game), go to start / options, or select options from the main menu and set text speed to fast, and if you want stereo audio set audio to stereo mode, by using left and right arrows to set that, and press b when your done. It's true that this is personal preference, but I think everyone needs to know this functionality exists in game so ... Do that if you want faster text/nicer sound.

For those who never played Pokemon before, you will find it difficult if you do not have much of a spacial awareness. Give yourself time, and use the f1-f3 commands to Gage your current location. Those sounds when you walk for a while are walls, so for the most part you can walk and hit walls and sorta figure it out that way. My recommendation for those who want to bank the most hours with this thing is, to play the first half of the game with one group of Pokemon, and then for the second part of the game play with a new group of Pokemon. Use save states(control S to save in Current, and control L will load the current save state). You can save in the game, but , for eas of reloading , I recommend using save states, but I guess it's up to you...

Q: What about link battles/trades?
a: This emulator does not support it. There are other visual boy advanced variants and emulators that support this feature, but the lua scripts that read the text would not work in those emulators. In that situation, you would need sited help to get the battles started. Your save file might be importable, though, especially if you save in the game. The gb/gbc battery .sav format is the same across emulators I think.
q: Is this legal?
a: No, but look at it this way: We'd be forgotten if you didn't play this. The only one losing is you: Nintendo never would have made this game accessible. Also I like to think for fun that I lost a lot of my site playing this on the gameboy color, even though it's probably just a part of my eye condition:
q: I'm stuck at the  forest/4th gym ... help?
a: For any issue you may have in the game, my favorite walkthrough I have found is
Though the walk through walls cheat is also helpful, but be very careful with that trick you'll have to Google for yourself.
q: Will this work for any other roms?
a: No. The only reason this is even possible is because there is a disassemble of the Pokemon Crystal cart itself on github.
Thanks to them for their hard work , whoever they are.


Download, and an extra mirror:


FlashCart supercard DSOne-I

I thought I'd release this backup of files with a read Me just so there's another correct answer out there for the supercard dsonei , supercard dsone , supercard dsone-i, or however you decide to write it.

This is a starter pack for the supercard dsone-I. The package I got came with the flashcart, a USB ds cart firmware writer, and a USB micro SD reader. I now have more USB micro SD readers than I know what to do with, but that's not why we're here...
Ok, so you got your cart, and now your really pissed at supercard people for manufacturing a cart that doesn't work with shitty instructions. Well, be virtually angry. Anyways, after scouring Google for a few hours I found the right instructions/my sanity that at least the product was good in the end.
1. Place the updatecn.bin, and the updateen.bin files onto the root of a formatted to fat32 micro SD card. The cart supports all types of sdhc, which is micro SD, if i'm not mistaken. For your info it supports fat and fat32.
2. Now place the cart in the firmware writer, and then plug the firmware writer into a USB powered USB port. Now this part I had sited help at. The light will flash for like 8 minutes according to the documentation, and then go green if it was successfull, red if not. I didn't have any issues with this process, but the device not showing up at all in my computer was interesting...

3. Now that your cart's firmware has been updated, it's time for the OS/system files. Place the rest of the files, along /with your roms or homebrew stuff to the root of the card. I've seen the sip client working with localphone.com configuration. Not the best quality but it's a working sip phone on a fucking DS.

Some notes on general use:
The cart, unlike other ds carts by supercard, and probably others, shows up as a normal game to the ds firmware on the device. Some cart's interrupt the boot process and boot right into the menu of roms. Just remember like with a real game cart you have to press a on it first to bring up the list of roms or whatever. I don't know the in rom controls for the flashcart yet, but at least this will get you started!

The download: No roms are in this pack!

and the place where I got my supercard dsone-I

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